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Last updated: November 2021

I've been a migraine sufferer as long as I can remember. Was it the whiplash I suffered in kindergarten or the head injury that landed me in the hospital for 5 days when I was in third grade? Maybe it was from my mother who has also suffered as long as I remember. The why's don't matter, it just is.

As a child and through my teens I was only getting a couple a year. Dark rooms and cold cloths over my eyes. I would lay on the couch and scream to relieve the pressure in my head. As I got older the nausea and vomiting could last for up to 4 hours. By the time it was over my ribs hurt from the effort. Still just having one a couple times a year I didn't feel sick enough to complain or seek medical attention.

When I was in my late 30's I was seeing an obgyn for other issues and I mentioned the migraines. He gave me samples of Imitrex. Still only having them a few times a year I was ok with the imitrex for 5-6 years, since then the frequency of migraines have steadily increased and the Imitrex wasn't as helpful. My Dr. switched me to Maxalt with no relief, in fact I think I got sicker after taking it.

Two years ago I was having a migraine about once a month with headache days at least half the days of the month. I started reading everything I could get my hands on about triggers and treatments. I continued to use the "rescue meds" while trying to nail down my triggers. I ran across an article about medical marijuana and the treatment of migraines. I live in the state of Michigan where medical marijuana is legal and I had used the "street" version in my college days so I wasn't afraid to try it. Am I ever glad I did! It has totally eliminated the vomiting from my attacks. It also lets me get enough sleep at night. If I can use it during the aura phase I can eliminate 80% of the pain. I am still left with the thumping but so much better with less pain. I am still averaging 3-4 migraines a month but I don't feel as debilitated by them. Now I can medicate and lay down for a while and recover. I think it also helps on those days when I feel hypersensitive. Those jittery brain days, when you know something may trigger you.

This is not the marijuana from your college days. It is organic and local, non addictive and comes in many strenghts and preparations. I find if I use the medibles (edible) on the day of the attack I don't have as long with the after effects and I'm not as likely to have another on the heels of the last. While this is no miracle cure it has been a game changer for me. I am currently 49 yrs old, on no Rx's and only take OTC motrin on occasion. That's my story to date. Hope it helps someone.


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