My Migraine Story

I’ve dealt with chronic migraine headaches since about age 4...for as long as I can remember. My neurologist says that the problem is hereditary. I’m only 22 now, but I anticipate dealing with headaches for the rest of my life.

Facing my reality

It’s taken a long time for me to come to terms with this reality, and it’s something that still takes a lot of conscious effort to deal with (especially on the bad headache days!). When I was in high school, I decided that I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field, and I later decided that I wanted to join the service.

I spent about two years getting in touch with officers and having meetings with various folks, trying to see what I could do to change my situation, but ultimately I was medically disqualified from joining the Navy due to migraines.

Fear and faith

I am now beginning nursing school, and I still grapple with fears about being able to hold a job and attend work and school regularly with a chronic headache disorder. Nevertheless, I have learned through this process that God’s plan is better than anything that I can dream of, better than anything I can ask or imagine!! (Ephesians 3:20 ?.) I believe that God is a God of redemption and that he can use me- a broken person that gets a lot of migraines and deals with pain and depression and worry- and can do beautiful things for His kingdom! A

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