Scared Silly

On Feb 25 2011 I suffered a seizure after having a migraine for two days. Lucky for me my twenty year old daughter was home with me and called 911. I was totally confused when I woke up at my computer with three medics in my living room. It took about 45 minutes before I could answer questions right, and all I wanted to do was cry, because I scared my daughter to death. The look on her face when the shut the ambulance door and wouldn't let her ride with me, is unforgettable.

I spent four hours at the hospital, had a CAT Scan and blood work, that found nothing. I have to have a EEG March 21 and I'm very scared.

Can anyone tell me if they've ever had a seizure following a migraine? I usually just have the bright zig zag lines and blurry vision, and I can't stand to smell anything and lights bother me. I get nausea and dizzy too.

Please tell me I'm not alone. Now when I start to get a headache, I get paranoid that I'm going to have another seizure.

Is there hope for me?

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