Severe Nerve Headache

It all began in 2019 after taking blood pressure medication, not even sure what it could have been. I feel it's my fault I allowed the pharmacist to give me one pill in an untitled bottle. I was told I had high blood pressure and decided to follow up with my medical doctor after an ER visit for chest pain. To my surprise, the ER doctor gave me a prescription for a 5mg blood pressure pill.

I got it filled and took it. Immediately, I began to cough non-stop. Then I discovered that coughing is one of the major side effects. I called my doctor's office and he changed the blood pressure prescription. I took the blood pressure medication and that same day I woke up with severe, intense burning head pain that knocked me to my knees. This is where my horrible migraine journey begins.

My migraine story

I didn't sleep for days and it got to the point I was in so much pain I barely ate. Today I experience nausea and dizziness off and on. I also have TMJ where my jaws click on and off, which truly depends on the day. If I talk a lot sometimes my jaws have a clicking sound that I have found comes from grinding my teeth at night over a period of time.

I was told I have occipital neuralgia which comes from the back of the neck when the nerves travel along the top of the skull base. When pinched or irritated, I would get burning stabbing shooting pain that debilitates me.

Where I am today

Today I can say my situation has improved but, every blue moon, it comes back - fortunately not with the migraine intensity. It is horrible to have and will make you insane to the point all you can do is cry. I have been through a lot.

I will continue my story if anyone wants to know more but most headache specialists, neurologists, pain management doctors, or physical medicine doctors recommend nerve blocks - which for me has caused me mental distress. The nerve gets numbed with lidocaine injected with a needle which helps get rid of the migraine, but for me, after the nerve comes back to life it feels like someone put you in the electric chair. That's the best description I have. IT'S A LIVING SCARY NIGHTMARE.

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