People think a migrqine is just a simple bad headache we get over in an hr or two !!

I am so tired of people not taking my CHRONIC Migraines seriously.I did have 2 cervical neck spinal surgeries front and the back.My neck was fractured by a CHIROPRACTOR !! YES it is true as my ER specialist in Orthopedics looked at my MRI .Of course he admitted me .I did have migraines before this happened .I started having them as young as 13 and chronic headaches before the pain escalated in school .They got worse in my 11th year and so bad I had to quit as I could not see the pages ,concentrate on anything but that horrible inside horror or torture.My parents didn't take me seriously .To this day I still have doctors that have no knowledge about what and how much pain us sufferers have in our short moths time not being able to keep appointments as we cannot predict the weather or our migraines as they do play tricks with many(for example just getting over a rain migraine and others may say that's the reason for sure ,then it flips and during a dry spell at times they were worse than the rain ones.I had a dry weather migraine that kept me bedridden for a month ,so sick at my stomach I couldn't get down water much less than any kind of meds.I take flavored BC powders and I really don't know if it's me and luck that my migraines got easier pain and stopped for 20 minutes,problem is if I take another I get real sick at my stomach .At this time I am taking a cancer syrup for nausea.The nausea and stomach sickness is greater during the time of any migraine.I have had the dry heaves but once my stomach is empty for some reason my migraine has let up many times (not every time though).This is a disability out of control and I can't take botos,antidepressants they give for pain and the worst pain liller the ER gave me by IV was COMPAZINE.It made me go right into a full blown Panic Attack and they did not care and just told me to relax when I was having a very bad reaction to this horrible drug.Opiods etc is not the bad killer for people with migraines.I have a chronic condition with no cure added to migraines and it was called Refex Sympothetic Dystrophy( and other names such as Aracnoiditis (not anything to do with a spider but debilitating disability of the central nervous system that's spreads at each new injury or surgery.Scientists found this to be triggered by injurys especially during our many wars .So many men had this high invisible pain they could not see as chronic pain .This kind of pain I read in prominent professional Health articles said the pain killers do not effect peoples mind as far as a drunk high or drug high as it was said that the real pain killers go to the source of the pain and not all pain killers can touch RSD ,ETC chronic pains plus our Migraines.They found the moon but haven't really found a clue in the 2017 with high tech at its almost peak.We must have it known for now until a cure that this is a disability that takes our life as we know it to work ,make and keep unknown days (we don't know if we will get one coming during our sleep at night) no warnings for countless and we are made to drive with blurry vision that's goes with these monster volcanos in our heads .The doctors will think up a diagnoses saying we could have tumors in our heads -HA Mri's show different and our eyes tearing constantly with any light.I am positive their are stories just like this one excluding the RSD people get and they to are ignored,(it's all in their heads) .I would love to tell the doctors when the full blown migraine hits as it gets higher in the pain scale and nothing seems to work unless maybe you get the stomach empty.I wonder if our stomach why the stomach seems to relieve some of the pain .We are all different and do and don't have all the things happen but maybe they have something else happen .I would love to know the ones that do not or do have odd added things happen during their much needed ER service but I doubt if all of us can ever make it outside .We all must lie down with full darkess and something tight tied around our heads.I know that you sufferers knows exactly and more of what I commented on .I wish you all a cure -even though I know so many of us just exist with it and no going to events or appointments.So sorry for you people and myself .Not having a pity party but a reality that we all hope to stop this wicked thing that attacks us regularly.

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