Single Mom getting almost daily migraines

My name is Jewel, I'm 40 years old & a single Mom to an active 14yr old boy. My Mom had migraines, & my Grandmother had them as well. I have been getting them (migraines) almost daily.

Have been put on Neurotin (2/day) & it was helping prevent them. Now however, not so much. I was in the hospital last year, went to ER with migraine that wouldn't go away & was admitted because my bloop pressure was extremely high. Dr's thought I had a "pre-stroke"...was in hospital for 1week.

Used to take Imitrex for migraines (this helps the BEST), but not supposed to take it because of high blood pressure. I'm now on Cardizem, & other bloop pressure meds (NEVER had high bloop pressure b4). All tests run & I'm "fine".

But, I need to lose weight....never been overweight b4 either...I now have high "pulse rate"...dr's are attributing things to stress. Any feedback appreciated!

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