Continuation to Six Years and non-stop Migraine headache

These past few weeks, before Holy Week and After, the headaches have gotten worse and more severe. To go along with my first story.

Now, there is a great pressure and pain every so often, as if there is swelling, a few nights I could not sleep and stayed up till I just couldn't stay awake, no pain meds worked, not even ice blocks on the head, wearing my sun glasses and so forth. It starts from the lower back of the head to the tip of the front of the skull. This pressure happens more often now and becoming regular. My doctor doesn't want to hear about it and says there is nothing he can do for them, that is no option or answer. Please read my first story about this and then this with new information.

With the pressure and horrible pain it causes, makes it hard to see, to hear; with what light and sound I can handle, when it builds, paying attention is hard and can't focus on what is being said or what I read or what I'm watching. Plus the most serious part is when the heart races faster to counter what is going on, makes it hard to breath, when the heart does this, it takes a long while; many hours, to slow back down and the pressure to calm. Now with the headaches itself, it is becoming constant.

Please let me know and my parents know what we can do and what is going on, since our doctors aren't doing anything about it.


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