Sjogrens syndrome

This is my primary concern now, though I have not yet had the diagnosis verified having had negative blood tests. My daughter suggested it knowing my problems and having seen a program about it. Today I learned that migraine and sjogrens may be connected. I am seventy, had migraine from age 14 to about forty when I had a hysterectomy. I do have headaches now, coming on after lunch and after a period of activity I think, I suffer now with even more fatigue and can't do much.

I well remember migraines and cluster headaches and the difficulties with no one understanding because it is invisible. I learnt to manage them with medication and diet control, control over light and noise. I had some visual disturbances , which gave me warning, latterly and weird auras, where I felt disconnected

I wanted to contribute to the discussion about the relationship between sjogrens and migraine. The most obvious I can see is that stress has been a trigger for both. I perhaps have a personality which is easily stressed. Food lately has been a problem as I have developed sensitivities to common foods , like wheat , milk and legumes. I have had arthritis for thirty years which necessitated food restrictions too and have been juggling my diet for family needs etc. Digestion is an issue for me.

I think I picked up on a suggestions that migraine medication may have triggered sjogrens, or is it that there are other connections.? I should be very interested in reactions to this as it may help me to understand what is going on. I researched thoroughly into migraine , though I am pleased to to note that there seems to be a lot of progress with treatment. I hope that I can contribute to the discussion. Kay

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