Sooo tired of migraines!

I am a 62 F who has suffered with migraines for about 25 yrs now. Mine are caused by smog (I live in a highly polluted area of So Calif), on a smog alert day I am in bed. I have been under the care of a neurologist for about 6 yrs and take Botox injections every 3 month... they seem to help with the severity of them but I still have a daily migraine and I take Imitrex every day...

I live in fear that I am doing harm to my body with the Imitrex but I gotta take it or the headache will not go away. Preventatives have given me side effects where I end up in the ER. I have slipped into a deep depression which I try and fight every day.

I am lucky in that I am retired, have a nice husband, and a nice home that's paid for. But I am so tired of having these headaches, my neurologist doesn't know that I take the Imitrex every day, I am afraid he will try and make me stop. I feel like an addict. Sometimes I fantasize about ending it all

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