Started having migraines at age 30

So I was coming home from a wonderful vacation with my wife !!! A well deserved one!!! Two days later I wake up with a throbbing headache and cold went to the doctor and he told me you have a bad cold and I got antibiotics Because of my bad caugh and the caugh past but not the headaches went back got meds for sinus headaches over the next few months I can't count how many antibiotics I went through then one night in march I told my wife I feel like my head is coming off a few hours later I was allying on the street and started getting dizzy my face got numb my feet felt heavy and I was barely able to raise my hand I got home and leaned on the railing my wife heard the door but did not see me she yelled my name but I was having a difficult time responding I slowly walked into the house I tried speaking but out came slurred speech I right thought I'm having a a stroke Hatzlah volunteers from my local community were there within seconds I was takin into the e.r and they told me that my weakness on one side is to strong I was given t.p.a that's a stoke meds I was crying to my beloved wife I'm only 30 !!! The next day after Ct scans and MRI the diagnosis was you had a migraine related stroke since then I've been to specialist but the dope me up with meds that take away my life then I spent close to four thousand dollars on chriopractor treatment it seemed to help but when I stopped boom!!! Here it comes again !

I was a fun guy to be around I would prepare the party's at work
I would be the one working overtime and still have energy I was a monster with tons of strength
Now I collapse at work and don't arrange anything my coworkers ask come on let's go!! But I wish they would understand I go through sleepless nights and crazy pain
I feel so guilty to my wife and kids they have been amazing buts it is still difficult when I tell them I can't take you to a park my headaches are just so bad I'm not give up on a solution That's me and hope to find one shortly. God knows what good for us we just have to fight to find the solution

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