Still Searching For Relief

Having had migraines from a young age, I assumed that is what all headaches were like. In my 20's I remember trying to read something and these lights were getting in the way, I would move my eyes and the lights would just move. After work I went out with the rest of my friends, had a few drinks and a really bad headache would start. I would just assume I had been up too long, went to bed too late the night before and should most likely just go home and go to sleep. So home I would go, take a few aspirins and try to sleep.

Well this would continue for many years. I thought maybe I just had too many hangovers. After some years, getting married and having children and then going to an eye doctor for a checkup, I ended up having an enlightened conversation with the doctor. He asked the standard questions I imagine they ask of eye patients such as family history, vision issues and then the question I will always remember. "Do you have any auras?"

I asked him what they were. When he explained it to me, I just wanted to cry out of partial relief. I had thought for so many years that I had some brain damage or something. He explained how these would sometimes come before, during or after a migraine. Still now when I get auras, I plan on the worst. I have been going to a doctor for many years now trying to find something that will minimize the headaches and their duration.

For the last five years I have been getting migraines that would last for up to five days. I have tried reactive and proactive medications. Sometimes they seem to work and other times not at all. I try to make sure I take something as soon as the pain starts. I have taken medications daily to help prevent, but they left me with bad side affects. I now just take meds after the on sought. It is difficult to work while having a headache, but I still work anyway. If I was to stay home I would still have the headache. I am now trying to stay away from specific foods.

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