Migraines since I was eight. (Now I am 48.)

I have been living with migraines for a long time. But when I was younger they thought they were sinus headaches. My mother also suffered from horrible migraines, but out of 4 siblings I was the only one to get this wonderful disease passed on.

They were not as numerous when I was younger, but started to get very bad after having children. Now it seems like I have them at least half of the month if not more.

I get weather related migraines, and stress migraines. The stress kind usually start in my neck and shoulder, whereas the weather related ones most likely seem just to start in my head. There have been times like today, where my migraine seems weather related, but my neck feels like it is very tight.

It appears that when someone massages my head the pain is reduced to the point of disappearing, but as soon as they stop it is back. My dream is to find a natural cure.

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