Stuck and in a Panic

Hi, I have a huge problem that just happened 2 days ago and I just don't know what to do! I stumbled onto something that takes away my migraines within 5 minutes and have been taking it for 5 years now. This was a miracle for me, it was an accidental find when I got a diagnosis for ADHD, so the medication is adderall and I take 20 MG's 2 x a day! When I got my script filled 2 days ago, it was not the same vendor, color, shape or taste and it isn't working at all..The migraines have been 24/7 and just vicious! I tried Maxalt and zonegran and everything OTC...ANYBODY?? There is NO way I can take this to the neurologist, he is as cold as ice and will most likely just take me off of them! I changed to a mom and pop pharmacy where I will get better treatment than the regular one I was using! Has anyone ever had this happen? I am lost and in so much pain! Thank you!

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