Suffered All My Life

I am 73 years old and was diagnosed with migraine headaches when I was about 30. The headaches began much earlier, but as is so common, were misdiagnosed for years.

Dealing with menstrual migraine

Once I knew what the problem was, I was able to determine and avoid most of my migraine triggers, with one glaring exception: Menstrual. Over the years I tried everything suggested to me from medical practitioners, alternative medicine, friends, coworkers, neighbors, even TV ads, but no lasting relief with any of them.


I was let go from several jobs during my career. Eventually, I was unable to hold down any job at all and filed for SocSec disability. It took a few years to get approved, and by then all my savings and retirement funds were gone.

The headaches are not so bad or frequent now. I've simplified my life, live within my means, and added a few nutritional supplements that seem to be working. My neurologist retired right before COVID happened, so I haven't been able to try some of the new preventative or acute remedies, but I think things are looking up, and once again I am hoping for a successful treatment regimen.

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