Suffering Since I was 5

I couldn't be like every other normal Child growing up my body had to be different when i was 5 i started getting very sick i refused to play with friend eat or drink i would just lay in a blacked out room and sleep for 12-15 hours at a time .. Of course every doctor i saw said i was attention seeking or i was trying to get out of school ( come on i was 5 i hadn't quite worked that one out yet ) as i got old they would come and go .

When i turned 10 was when they started coming back with Vengeance of course it was right when us females start hitting Puberty it was but down to that or Hormone changes.. i still didn't think it was right .. until one night i was rushed to hospital because i could see i was screaming in pain from breathing that is when they realized something was not right it still took another 3.5 years before a Nuro would see me at this point i was getting a migraine every second day

Bring on being 14 i finally saw a Nuro who diagnosed me with Cluster Migraines .. he had never seen someone so young struggling with life and pain .. cue a ton of Scans, MRI And Ct they found nothing and put me on my first lot of medication to stop it ...

that lasted until i was 16 my body had adapted to the medication and i had moved States so had to find another Nuro who would see me.. He changed it and also changed my diet it worked for another 2 years ..

when i was 18 i started having seizure's and fell pregnant with my first Daughter cue another change in medication and finding out that i had a chemical imbalance in my brain causing the Seizure so after a year the Head of Neurology at the hospital i was going through changed me to Propranolol

I have been on Propranolol now for 5 Years and it has been working amazing bringing down my Migraines to one every couple of weeks/ months until recently where i'm now having major problems with my blood pressure and putting strain on my heart to bring up my Heart rate when i stand up so i'm now working with a Doctor who is reducing the amount i take i'm hoping this works as i have been migraine free now for 6 months With two healthy Daughters and Studying full time :)

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