I am a 44 year old female with chronic migraine. They started when I was in 6th grade although I had car sickness before that. They became progressively worse as I got older. 9 years ago I lost my job of 12 years because of migraines.

Most days I push through my mandatory obligations with pain of 3-6. If it gets worse than that, I take my meds. That happens 4-5 days a week. I suffer from PTSD and depression. The worse my migraines get, the more depressed I get. I am "working" at getting disability.

The thing that bothers me most I think is that my mom constantly belittles my condition. Every time she talks about anyone else having migraines she will say, "but now they worked, every day of their life." or "but she just kept working anyway." Last week as she was picking some things up off the floor, she said, "I've never heard of anyone with migraines that didn't bend over. Normal people bend. You have to bend to get things done." This is in reference to my saying that bending over makes my migraines worse. The thing is, those things were in the floor not because I didn't want to bend over but because I was trying to make the kids be responsible for picking up what they messed up but she just assumed. Her words make me feel as if she doesn't believe my condition is as debilitating as I say. I have to depend on her to watch the kids when things happen so I can't just tell her where to go. I would really like her support and understanding. I sent her the migraine visualization. Maybe that will open up her eyes.

Thankfully, I have friends and my ex get it and are very understanding and supportive. Another good point is that medicaid has started covering sumitriptan tablets every nine days so it is almost enough to get me through a month like that.


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