I have always had a headache. I thought it was normal for years. Now I've been diagnosed with migrains. My mother has bad ones but I didn't think mine compared. I always have a headache, on occation they get worse and thats when I claim to have one because I'm never without one. The ringing in my ears gets so loud I have to concentrate to understand you. Thats there all the time as well. It just gets louder as my headache gets worse. Sometimes I get a fever on one side of my face. Even my hands and feet will get a fever. You can see it. I even get flushed but only on one side the other side is cool to the touch and pale. I also have the watery eyes and earaches and neck pain. I have other health issues as well but it was a suprise to me since I've always just delt with it. After taking meds for it I notice the pain is worse then I remember. Especially if I miss them. I'm not sure if I'm better off with the meds or not since now I know how much pain I've realy been in all this time???

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