Lifetime of Migraines Finally Relieved With Septoplasty!

When I was young, I would get headaches and when I hit my twenties, they ramped up to migraines, worsening with age. I had so many triggers and tried everything. Perfume, chemicals, hormones, foods, preservatives, stress and many times, no known trigger, would cause a migraine lasting days and including nausea and vomiting.

I saw many doctors, specialists, and tried many therapies including botox, 6+ prescriptions, acupuncture, cupping, diet changes, massage, CBD, sleep studies, TMJ therapy, shots and much more. I had to take excederin from 3-7 days a week with multiple migraines each week. I missed so much life, work, family outings... I felt hopeless. I also had chronic eye pain. My migraines were usually on me left side temple (85%), eye area and base of head/neck. Throbbing and pulsating.

I randomly found out about the Smith Center in Houston when reading about a sinus infection I was having (back in Oct 2018). Dr Smith was relieving migraines by looking at the nose as the culprit. I did a ton of research and contacted their office that instructed I get a CT scan, which I did. After mailing them a disc (I was out of state), Dr. Smith let me know I was an excellent candidate. I had surgery last week (May 20, 2019) and I know not much time has passed but after, even having had surgery performed, I could already feel a difference.

I had septoplasty for my deviated sputum, bone spur removal (1 cm!), turbinectomy, concha bullosa removal, cyst removal and balloon sinusplasty. Dr. Smith has a combined technique based on experience and of course, depending on the patient. The last week, for the first time in almost 17 years, I've not had any trace, hint, precursor of a migraine or headache. Not even in the slightest. And my eye pain is completely gone, which had previously been daily pain. Also, I've not taken any excedrin or migrelief, which I had to take daily previously.

I know neurologists say that migraines are neurological, but for some, I think it can be much simpler. I had 2 PCPs, 3 neurologists and countless other doctors say my migraines were neurological and the only thing to be done would be to take drugs to prevent migraines or stop symptoms during a migraine (which mostly did not work for me... never more than around a 20% effective rate). The recovery was rough the first day right after surgery, but that was way more tolerable and less painful than my typical migraines which would range from a pain level of 7-9 (1-10 scale). Relatively speaking, the worst part of recovery lasting about 7 hours immediately post op was maybe a pain level 5 and quickly decreasing. I'm still healing and will be swollen for weeks or months but I can feel it in my bones that this treatment is different... when you've suffered for so long, you start giving up hope. Pain is normal. Life and the future is depressing. The migraine pain is ALWAYS in the background. But for the first time in nearly 2 decades, I can truly feel that pain is gone! I'm SO excited for the future. I have no idea what to do with myself: so many things to experience now! It's truly freeing. Now I know that this surgery is not for everyone and I'm not recommending to get surgery because I did, but if you've tried everything like I did and you're still suffering, I suggest you look into it... just to get an opinion. I'm so glad I did. I only wish I had been made aware sooner... that's why I'm sharing my story.

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