Suspected Stroke

On January 1,2011 I was driving back from Houston, TX going home. I was still about 2 hours out when my left hand started drawing up and in a bad spasm. It continued to do this every few miles. I already knew I had a pinched nerve in my left elbow and that maybe this was caused from the pinched nerve. But, then I got the burning pain in my left arm and the back of my head. This really scared me. I finally made it home and all the symptoms went away except for the headache. I did have the spasms in my hand a couple more times that weekend but that was all.

I called my dr. Monday morning made an appointment to discuss the new symptoms. He scheduled me for an MRI and an EEG. I had the tests done and it showed nothing to indicate a stroke. He did some other tests in office and decided I was having seizures brought on by my migraines.

I didn't realize I was having migraines, but then he told me that not all migraines were just pain in the head, but caused several other symptoms also. I am currently taking meds (but/apap/caf) and so far they are working to keep down the seizures or I call spasms in my left hand and arm. My headaches are getting better also.

Who would have thought migraines could cause seizures?

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