Weird Remission Story

I started getting migraines back in 5th grade. I am a 17-year-old male. Both of my parents suffer from migraines. My mother suffers from migraines without aura. My father suffers from migraines with aura. I suffer from migraines with aura. I found that there were no potential triggers; they seemed to come at random. I usually get only 10 migraines a year. However, 2020 was weird. Starting around March, nothing. I seemed to go into remission with absolutely no migraine attacks.

Identifying migraine triggers

Thanksgiving came around. I got my first migraine attack since March. Then, 8 days later, yet another attack. I am writing this 3 days after that attack. There was really one possible trigger as of now: my humidifier. I kept a humidifier in my room up starting a month ago until a few days ago when I took it out of my room and replaced it with a heater (heat was all I really needed). One would assume that since I am attending school virtually, that the prolonged amount of screen-time I have will be the trigger. However, I had equal amounts of screen-time from March-June. These attacks are usually happening around 7:00 pm. I still do not have a definite trigger, if there is one.

Migraine symptoms

I will try to update if I get another migraine. I am currently keeping a journal of my attacks. For anyone who wants to diagnose me with the type of migraine since there are so many, here are my symptoms: I get an aura warning that lasts roughly 20 minutes followed by neck pain in the back-left side, then followed by pain on the left side of my head that lasts for 4 hours with a loss of appetite (not necessarily nausea). The head pain usually goes away completely after a day or two.

If there is anyone reading this with a similar story to mine?

I would love to hear them if you have any.

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