My teenage boys migraines

My 2 boys have suffered from migraines for about 4 - 5 years now. My eldest boy is 16 and my younger boy is 14. I feel for them as I don't know how they feel but my husband does.

They start with tingling in their hands or feet then their vision blurs then they start to panic as they know what is coming next. They then get the pain at the back of their eye and then they vomit continuously. They go to bed and they cry and cry out loud in so much pain they even ask to die it is so bad. My eldest boy is starting to control them but my younger boy panics. he asked me the other day if people think he is crazy!

I feel for my boys because they do interfere with their lives, schooling etc. I dont like them having to take codeine etc as they are high drugs but they have to take something. I end up placing my hands on their head and praying for them while they hold onto their dad's greenstone. eventually they are able to sleep and do for hours. We can not see a pattern to what triggers them but i make sure they drink plenty of water as dehydration may have something to do with them.

I am a concerned mother that needs answers!

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