Teenager suffering with migraines

Hi all, I am a 16 year old girl living in London who has suffered migraines for six years now. I remember my first one like it was yesterday but still every time I receive an attack I am still overwhelmed by how painful it is. I have the classic aura migraine, with my eyes, hands and speech all becoming affected. The only option for me is to sleep in a dark room, and as a result I am forced to miss many days of school.This is one of my main worries as I have just started my A levels and missing lessons is a worry for me.

I have had a profile on this site for a while but have decided to share my story as I recently went to visit a migraine specialist. I am experiencing headaches every day which has not always been the case, which is also accompanied by severe neck tension and a shooting pain in the bottom of my back. The strength of my migraine attacks is also increasing, with them becoming more painful and lasting longer. The migraine specialist gave good advice but I did not feel he really sympathized with me, which is the case with most people who have not experienced migraines themselves.

The Christmas period is a busy time for me as I also celebrate my birthday 2 days after new years, and for the past 2 previous years I have experienced a migraine on my birthday and I am now worried that with these daily headaches my christmas period will be greatly affected. I would be very grateful if people could give any advice apart from the usual; sleeping patterns, eating healthily etc etc and also to hear if anyone experiences these headaches and tension symptoms! As a teenager I feel many people don't sympathies with me and think I am jusy exaggerating a headache, so that is why I decided to share my story on here!

Wishing everyone a happy migraine free christmas and new years!

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