Why I say "Disorder" and "Migraines"

There is always ever evolving language.

In communities debates often occur over word choice.

Am I "of asian decent", "caucasian", "african-canadian", "a p.o.c."?

Am I Deaf, HoH, deaf or DeaF?

Well, I am none of those.

But I am a person with migraine disorder who experiences migraines.

I chose "disorder" as my health is out-of-order and so is my life because of this debilitating state.

"Condition" includes the possibility of "good" or even "great" condition. (What condition the patient is in.) While "disorder" limits possible answers-- "fair" or "poor". And that is the current state of my condition--fair to poor.

And I say "migraines" as much as "migraine" in part because I have more than one migraine diagnosis. The The International Classification of Headache Disorders 3rd ed. allows for and recommends multiple coding, even if my healthcare plan balks.

Also, I use Migraine and Migraines as to me the singular is the over condition or the singular experience (I had a migraine yesterday), and the plural are multiple events (I had 15 migraines in the last three months).

I need the plural.

If I were to say to myself I've had migraine for three years it sounds like one long episode when I actually had symptom-free periods. I need to remind myself of the free days.

And I need personal truth and hope.

If I say only I have migraine condition, it belies the disarray of my physical and psycho-social health.

The word disorder implies order, and for me personally it invites hope. Saying disorder opens the door to order, gives me hope for order.

Migraine/s Condition/Disorder varies so greatly with each person.

For me at this time in my life my personal truth is that I am a person with a headache disorder; I experiences my migraines and am in fair condition most days, poor others, good frequently, and excellent occasionally.

But that's a mouthful, so I use shorthand, vernacular.

I say disorder and migraines.

These words work for me.

I encourage each of you to use the words that work for you.

Enough mincing. (:

Thank you for reading.

Have a great day all!

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