That Neuro Thing: A Poem

That Neuro Thing

I have — it
Won’t leave me alone for a moment.
It’s always in the nesting stage,
Always a fetus, needing nourishment

From its host,
The body of whom it inherits,
More like invading
Without permission, without a thought.

That neuro thing I have — it
Is here to stay for long.
It likes its place of dwelling.
It likes its way around inside me.

The limbs and the head are its
Frequent active zone
Where it plays dirty, taking its time.
It has nowhere else to go,

Nothing else to do,
Acting strange,
Making me
Feel strange.

That neuro thing I have — it
gets its way whenever it wants.
It’s the master
And I the slave.

My mind and my body
Are not under my control.
They take orders from elsewhere
Which leads me to wonder

If a supernatural force is at play.
Being a non-believer,
I can only laugh the thought away
But the sensations I feel stay.

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