The Chronic Migraine

I have had Migraines my entire life but they became chronic in 2007. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada. There is really no Migraine community here. Most Doctors just shove Preventative medication after Preventative medication down your throat. Guess what they did not work! A lot of Doctor's don't believe you they figure you are faking (been through family and friends that think I am faking the Migraines.

I gained weight;chemical imbalance; Several 6 neurologists cat scans 6 MRI"S, have not really been able to find out anything really that is causing these Migraines! I have tried a lot of alternative therapy ultra sound dry needling, acupuncture, diet, talking to someone; exercising several different vitamins; migraine pain killers that do not work and they are extremely expensive; several different pain rubs; ice darkness alones. those are just the few off the top of my head.

Employment opportunities are not available because employers figure that I am lying. They feel that I just don not want to work.

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