The Ketamine Diaries: Part 1

Here I am up at three, almost four in the morning soul searching or maybe just avoiding sleep.

I don’t know what else to do while I’m here in Philly not eating those delicious cheesesteaks at Pat’s and no I don’t go there just because I’m a Patriots fan, I go there because they are the best well… Second best to JeffFresh at Jefferson Methodist Hospital where I’ve been residing for the past four nights while receiving ketamine treatment.

A new treatment

Ketamine!!!!!! Special K, or Horse Tranquilizer, as some may call it. Don’t get me wrong I had the same look on my face when I heard that ketamine therapy is even an option to treat chronic migraine. But to add on to the pile that I already had got new daily persistent headache, chronic neck and back pain, and the latest I’d like to add to the game, facial pain. Go ahead and say it, “Does your face hurt?… It’s killing me." Haha, okay enough jokes.

Jokes aside...

Facial pain is no joke and something I had never experienced until I had started said ketamine treatment. Was it always there I wonder? Or was I just so consumed by so many of the other comorbidities that I didn’t even realize it was an issue?

Also hey left eye, yes there you, when did you join the party??

I’m so mad I forgot the cake and presents but I didn’t know you’d show up at ketamine treatment week either. What started as a hopeful week will end as... one can only hope and we will see. I’ve let everything go, so maybe I will let this pain go too and if not then it’s been real Philly, this isn’t the last you’ll see of me.

Well obviously because I have a follow-up appointment, a co-pay, and beautiful travel to endure time and time again. Stay tuned… you might want to hear how this one ended up as well!

Bid adieu PhillyCool story bro

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