The Lack of Care for Migraineurs in the VA System

Wow. It's ironic that my disability rating is highest for migraines, as a veteran, but I can't get reliable care for them in the VA system. I was told that the Botox clinic is full, and that my Metaprolol, (which wasn't working well anyway), was making my blood pressure too low, by a PCP/GP, so he discontinued it, without replacing it with anything. My referral to an outside neurologist took over a year, and I have to be re referred before I can see her again!

This isn't a pity party, this is me highlighting the current thread of little to no reliable care for veterans. Has anyone made the connection between sub standard care and the high rate of veteran suicides? Gee, I wonder.

I would love to hear from other vets. How have you navigated the VA system? What treatments, if any were offered? Are you a woman vet, surrounded by male doctors playing Russian roulette with your medications? Stand with me to get care and prevent the hopelessness!

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