The Life of a Migraine Prisoner

My name is Elisha and I am often a prisoner of my migraines. I have had them for as long as I can remember, even as a child and I am now almost 27. My migraines are severe and are often sudden in onset and include Aura, vomiting, nausea, light and sound sensitivity, and sensitivity to smell.

I have several triggers: heat, hunger, caffeine, lack of caffeine, too much sleep, lack of sleep, stress, hormone changes, etc.. the list is just far too extensive. I guess there is not many specific triggers of you look at it the way I do. I never got any help for the migraines until about a year ago when I was getting about 5 a week. I usually averaged about 5 a month. But for some reason they spiked and I was miserable.

I saught the help of my primary care physician. I am a very spiritual person so my first concern was that I was not over medicating myself. We started with a calcium channel blocker and amitriptlyine. After a few months of little improvement I started looking for a neurologist that would take medicaid, that specialized in migraines. When I was not successful, I started looking for answers with people that I network with. That is when I came across Topamax. I then asked my doctor about it and he added it to my daily medicine. I thought topamax was the answer to my migraine prayers, because it worked!! But not long after I started taking it I began to have trouble seeing while reading and driving mostly on focusing on things. I began to wear reading glasses and continued to take the Topamax, even after my doctor asked me if I wanted to stop taking it due to the side effect. It was still working on the Migraines, and I am a single mother. I have to work.

The Topamax worked until i had a couple of teeth pulled that made a hole in my pallet. Now I am back at having 4-5 a week. I have started taking Ginko Biloba with my daily Medicine and I am hoping for some positive results. I have to wait until march to see a neurologist, and I am hoping that I can get into some new and helpful treatments that will change my life. I suffer from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and Fibromyalgia. All of the overactive nerve endings that I have do not help the situation at all. I cannot wait for relief.

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