Dangling at the end of a thin cord

There is that moment, a few seconds actually, when an aura splits my vision, and the dread of what is to come washes over me.

i close me eyes.
open them.
close them.
open them . . . yes, it is an aura. yes, it's coming.

advil migraine will sometimes stave a debilitating one. if it comes in my sleep though, it is usually too late. and the pain and nausea ensue.

when there is no position to take for relief, the symptoms take me hostage. the panic rises, and the fight to stay calm is frantic . . . that is when i feel like i am dangling at the end of a thin cord, and i can barely hang on.

or, don't want to hang on–

this is my migraine: the terrifying realization that i can't live with it, and don't want to either.


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