I thought id lose my sight.

ive been living with migraines since i was 9 (i am now 20) and honestly it is only recently where i have seen a light at the end of the tunnel. on average since i was 9 i have been getting 3-6 migraines a week. the most i have had was 3 in 1 day. it was fine when i was little. there was always a pattern. i got an aura (looked like a lightning bolt that blocked everything out) then that went, then the headache, then vomit and sleep. that was the way of things until i was 15. they mutated. i started getting debilitating cluster headaches above my left eye along side the usual migraines. then the usual migraines changed. i was 17 when i first went blind. i think it lasted a couple of hours. i was terrified. ( i was on a bus when it happened). i went straight to my doctor and told them everything. i was met with the usual response of iboprofen, paracetamol, fluids and sleep ( i wasnt prescribed proper migraine meds until a month ago.). since then my migraines have been a combination of sight loss, sensation of being drunk, headache, vomiting and either severe anger outbursts or me being a rag doll and unable to process any emotion. it was hell. i wasnt able to hold down a job and my entire life revolved around these god awful episodes. after telling the doctor i was going to take my own life because i couldnt live my life blind (it wasnt so much being blind that got to me, but more that it happened randomly and i honestly never knew when or if my sight would come back) and in pain he finally decided to listen and didnt just write me off as "typical migraine". after imagrin and 10mg of amitriptyline i am now on 25mg of amitriptyline and 10mg of maxalt. fair enough i have to take my first dose of maxalt, wait 2 hours and then take my second dose before it works but there is finally life at the end of the tunnel. its only been a week but 3 migraines all being stopped in their tracks with medication is a blessing. nothing has every helped before. im still kind of tingly behind my eye (had a migraine today) but hell i can function.

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