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The Thunder and Lightning that is Migraine

We had a series of bad storms recently in usually dry Los Angeles. I did the old trick of count the seconds between the flash of lightning and the thunder. It reminded of me of migraine – the lightning and the thunder are both happening at the exact same time, but we experience them at different times because of the varying speeds that light and sound travel. The same is true with my prodrome experiences of migraine. When I’m feeling overwhelming depressed or have anger out of nowhere, I never consider that the thunder, aka migraine, is happening. It’s not until I get the rumblings of pain that I realize I’m in the migraine cycle.

I can take my overwhelming emotions as indicators of how my life is going, not symptoms of an illness. I’m working on reminding myself that the flashes out of character emotion are warnings that the migraine is going to hit with a boom.

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  • glassmind
    2 months ago

    I’m learning to recognize the thunder, too. Thanks for the helpful analogy.

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