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Tired of it all

Chronic migraines for thirty years! Initially thought to be sinus infections, so always given antibiotic and pain pills which of course never worked. Now on a continuous cycle of topamax, amitriptyline and diazepam for the muscle spasms in my neck. Tried Botox, trigger point injections, massage therapy, all which only aggravate everything leaving me in bed the next day wishing for anything just short of death. Insurance now will only pay for generic triptans which do not work. Feel lost and out of control trying to live a normal life around people who don't understand how painful this condition is. Don't go to ER, they just think you are drug seeking when opioids just make it worse. Tire, tired, tired. Neurologist is great but just keeps trying to add more pills which I've refused. Can't tell anymore what works and what doesn't anymore. Anyone have new research or info on treatments??

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