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Transition Contacts

My severe chronic migraine can rule my life and affect so much of it.

My biggest trigger

Lighting is such a big trigger for me. When I flare, I can experience such long migraines that they can last over 30 days. I had one in particular that caused optic nerve damage in my right eye and I can no longer see clearly in that eye. Of course, the more you stress or have anxiety about your condition, the greater chance you will just bring on the migraine in spite of your medications.

My light sensitivity issue had become so extreme that I could barely work. Going out to doctor's offices and restaurants or, for that matter, any public building was a challenge due to the indoor lighting. I had tried the Axon optics glasses with no success and so I was always in dark sunglasses in indoor settings looking like some weird vampire type person. I just could not stand the piercing needle pain and nausea for a very long period of time before it triggered the migraine.

Finally, a solution

Then I saw a new optometrist who was herself a migraineur. She told me about the transition lens by Acuvue that she had recently read an article about. The article shared how they were seeing this interesting success in light-sensitive migraine individuals. Did I want to try them? YES!

They have changed my life! I can work at a more normal time frame instead of an hour or two at a time, I can go out and about in lighted situations and not wear sunglasses and my migraines have been reduced by them. If you are a light-sensitive migraineur, this is something I highly recommend. It will improve your life dramatically.

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