Travel attacks, and could Dihydromyricetin work?

I'm currently off work due to what has now become a fairly regular attack. I recently started a new job that sees me commute by train from Newcastle upon Tyne to London every Monday, and back up on Fridays. Most Mondays now end with an early night after an attack that starts around 2-3pm—almost like clockwork. Sometimes I'm good to go on the Tuesday, and I'm at my desk. Other times—like now—I'm laid up for a couple of days, while my brain does the whole "dumb" thing. I'm a web developer at a fairly high pressure place, so I need my brain on form—foggy just won't cut it.

Sitting here now, trying to get back up to speed, I was doing some research and clicking around various pages to do with symptoms. I landed on a page which was covering a lot of the symptoms that I usually get at the same time. This page was about hangover cures. Now, I gave up alcohol seven months ago, because hangovers had become evil triggers. But, upon reading the article on my screen, I couldn't help but wonder whether something like Dihydromyricetin could be used to calm down the effects of an attack?

So, I have two questions, I guess:

1. Has anyone tried Dihydromyricetin (or similar) to ease the pain?
2. Does anyone else have travel-related attacks like mine, that happen like clockwork? If so, any tips?


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