Treatment No Longer Effective

I have used the injection Sumatriptan successfully to treat my migraines. Since I retired my migraines have decreased significantly.

Instead of monthly - I went to having one maybe every three months and the injection always worked to get rid of it. The past three weeks I have had headaches for two or three days in a row. The longest I have gone is two days without one. The shots I have taken in the last three weeks have not given me complete relief. The next day it begins all over again.

Rebound headaches

I have had very few instances of rebound headaches - never mind three days in a row. I have not begun any new medications or had any major life changes during this time. At the risk of sounding insane, the only thing that did happen is I got my second vaccine shot 3 weeks ago. I have made an appointment with a neurologist. I will see her next week. I am back living in fear of my headaches - the shot was my miracle treatment - it took me a long time to find it.

Anyone else have anything close to this happen?

Thanks, Lulubird

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