What Is Going On?!

I have never had a problem with headaches before. Around the middle of February 2021, I started getting a headache and it got really bad over the next week or two.

It has not gone away except to be covered up with Imitrex, Candesartan, Propranalol, etc. It's the same headache. If I were to let it become a full-blown headache I'd be bouncing off the walls, crying, praying, hitting my head unable to see with the pain all on the right side.

Trigeminal nerve and migraine

At one point I was taking 100mg of Imitrex a day which is a big no-no! Terrible ringing and sparkling lights all the time! CT scans and MRI s have shown clear. It's now been 10 weeks. The urgent care neurologist says it's a migraine associated with my trigeminal nerve but not Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Has anyone else experienced this type of ongoing migraine?

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