Migraines Since Age 12...

My migraines started at age 12 and have gotten worse with age. I'll be 56 in a few days and they're worse than ever.

MY migraine triggers

All my triggers include auras, any odors, bright light (I have to keep the light on my computer on the lowest setting plus the nightlight just to use it), and many other things. I've literally spent 3 weeks in a dark room from a migraine just a couple of months ago. One thing those of us who have migraines like these need is access to decent medications since most of us can't afford them and if you go to the er they just will give you fluids and nausea meds.


I am disabled and have insurance through that. So the pharma companies won't give you any discount and insurance won't cover it at all. I have a child who's disabled and have to be able to help them, so my migraines keep me from doing that.

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