Triggers, expectations and acceptance.

I suppose it's fitting that June is migraine awareness month. Today is June 13....a Friday no less and a full moon......and I have my 7th of the month. Every month I write "a new pain free month" at the top of my calendar. I think June was doomed from the get go.

My grandson, James, was due to be delivered c-section on June 4th. This meant traveling from Pennsylvania to Virginia to care for our 3 year old grand daughter, Elizabeth, while her mom and dad were otherwise engaged at the hospital for a few days.

Travel is a huge trigger for me, but I managed the trip fairly well with my meds. We all know sleep schedules are very important. Enter second trigger. We are retired, so our usual rising hour is 8AM. Well, Elizabeth likes to rise at 6:00. Once again my meds handled things fairly well. Throw into the mix that our son was having the kitchen renovated which meant eating take out. And you're never sure what is in a meal you don't prepare yourself. Once again, managed fairly well.

Fast forward to arriving home in Pennsylvania. Another manageable migraine with travel, then a blessed day of good weather and no migraine. With climate change, Pennsylvania is turning into a rainforest in the summer months, so the next few days were overcast with spotty showers. Felt crappy, but didn't use any triptans, since we all know they are for the truly bad ones. Today is the truly bad one.

Humidity, high temperatures, falling barometric pressure and high dew points are all conspiring against me, which brings me to the point of it all. Weather seems to be my worst trigger and the type of migraine my meds have a hard time relieving. Imitrex not making a dent. Despite being in a cool, dark room with ice packs and lots of ice water.

Could expectations have a role in this? I knew the stay in Virginia would have ramifications for my health, and all in all it wasn't too bad and I was rewarded with a beautiful baby boy. But these weather conditions are doing me in. And every time iI think that maybe I'm getting a handle on my migraines, I get a doozy. But you know what? I'll keep plugging along and trying my best against chronic migraine(something I've only been able to say aloud the past year), for the rest of my life if it spares my son and grand babies from ever having one.

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