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Try Acupuncture...It worked for me

I am a 35 year old female with Migraines, PCOS & Adenomyosis (endo of the uterine muscle tissue). I live in the Caribbean, Trinidad & Tobago. I found out about these conditions (PCOS & Adenomyosis, the Migraines came later), after blacking out one to many times during my period and a doctor sent me for an ultrasound. I eventually had a myomectomy in Oct 2005. I had experienced severe headaches may 3 times in my adolescent & early adult life. However in 2009 all that changed.

The Adenomyosis & PCOS, despite the surgery, progresses and as I learned, after experiencing the migraines for almost 2 years, the condition eventually leads to migraines. I was working at the time and I found that I had to miss work or leave early because of the pain. The pain was so severe that I would cry every time I felt it coming on.

One morning my friend picked me up to take me to work, he ended up taking me straight to the doctor's. When the doctor was examining my eyes, I pushed his hand away as the light he was shining in my eyes was so unbearable. I threw up in the office bathroom & had to be moved to a darkened room to rest. The job I worked at was extremly stressful, in fact there were quite abusive situations at this place. I eventually quit, but my migraines did not. In fact they worsened. I was told to use Panadol Ultra, Excedrin, Olfen & ice my head (which actually helped). I would ice the back of my neck as there are two vessels located there that carry hormones to the brain (one of my doctors told me).

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I was now having a headache almost everyday of my life. My symptoms included: light, scent & sound sensitivity, limb and facial tingling/numbness/coldness, nausea& vomiting, pounding pain in the head (all over my head), mood swings, confused thinking, swollen sinuses, affected hearing, tooth senisitivity, seeing stars/shadows, wavy/blurred vision, constant headaches (headaches spanned days). My aura included: light/sound/scent sensitivity, depth perception would be way off, so i would bump into things, drop items I was sure I had a good grip on, this would usually be the 1st sign, my thoughts would be muddled. The doctors were convinced that it was just stress & hormones, but they always treated my pain well.

In May 2010, while experiencing an aura and watching tv, I had a seizure. I had never had one before, I was 33 years old. After the seizure, my doctors told me that migraines can bring on a seizure. I was shocked, no doctor ever told me this even though they knew of the severity & frequency of my headaches. Note: I had been on Yaz (birth control pills) for about 5 months to curtail bleeding (Adenomyosis). I had been warned by one of my doctors that the bc pills were not helping the headaches, but they helped the bleeding, so I kept taking them.

I was tested, ECG, CAT scan, blood tests. I had low iron count at the time, Adenomyosis causes prolonged & severe bleeding so that explains that. I was put on 50 mg/day of Topamax (was off the bc pills, kept taking the pain pills). The first time I took it, I hallucinated & saw a dark hooded shadow in the middle of the day on the nursing home ward. The doctor later explained that he forgot to tell me of the side effects. I continued taking the 50mg/day for about 6 months. I was lethargic all the time & only wanted to sleep. I hardly ate, lsot some weight though.

After about 6 months, I developed a gall stone which I am certain is a direct result of the Topamax, but I was told that I was a "fat girl" & that was the cause. Had the gall bladder removed. My own research shows that women are more prone to gall stones than men due to our hormone fluctuations (menstrual & pregnancy) & that anyone, regardless of their weight can have a gall stone.

The dosage was reduced to 25 mg/day, in addition I took the painkillers mentioned before. Even though I was in severe pain (see below), I decided to go back to school in Oct 2010. I struggled with the pain. Sometimes I was rushed to the doctor/nursing home 2-3 times a week, then I would drag myself to school on Saturdays. In order to get out of bed & get ready for school/studies, I would have to take pain killer before getting out of bed. I woke up in pain & went to sleep in pain. I was tired of living like that.

I had done some research on alternative treatments for PCOS, Adenomyosis & Migraines. I read "The Infertility Cure; The Acient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pregnant & Having Healthy Babies" by Randine Lewis Ph.D. Even though the book is about infertility, it gave me an insight into why my migraines were occuring & what I could do to stop them. Yes...I said "stop them"!!

The answer: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which involves acupuncture & herbal treatment. I finally found a reputable & trained practitioner, Dr. Asante Van West Charles- Leblanc. I began treatment in Sept 2011. Listen, after only 5 sessions, my headaches were reduced. I also experienced severe pains throughout my body (fibromyalgia) & cramping pains in my uterus similar to contractions while also having migraines. My entire body would be in pain!!! It was horrible, I wondered if I would ever work again or go out, just have a normal life again. I could!!! Dr. Leblanc's TCM treatment helped me tremendously with all of these issues.

The treatments do not work overnight, but you must be diligent, go to your appointments and take the herbs. You may also have to change your diet & some lifestlye choices, but it is worth it. I am not 100% migraine free & still experience migraines from time to time, especially around menstruation (just before or after- that's 1x or 2x/month, way better than everyday). The severity has also dropped from 10+ to about 5 & under & it is usually under 5. I no longer have to live on pain killers, can't tell you the last time I had to be rushed to the doctor in the middle of the night & I am off all medications. Yes there is a solution: TCM (Acupuncture & Herbal Treatment)


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