My migraine

My symptoms started about a month ago with 2-3 headaches a day for 2 wks then on the 14th @ 9:30 AM I got another one this time i tried all of my traditional remedies NOTHING worked so i dealt with it so when i was getting ready for bed i still had it 12.5 hrs later enough was enough i went to the ER where they took a urine and blood samples and gave me a CT and script and sent me on my way, so i got the script filled which didn't touch the pain but i kept taking the Fiorocet in the hope it might work it didnt so i called my Dr. and scheduled an appointment, fine.

On my way to the Dr. i have some car trouble now im only a 2 min drive away from the office, so i called them to let them know i was going to be late they told me to reschedule for thursday so that makes it a week with a constant headache so i call my neurologist they get me in on wednesday and write for a Medrol dosepack and infusion of Depokene and magnesium that didn't work either but i get samples for Treximet and Frova and was insrtucted to try them after the medrol was finished, i still keep the appointment with my Dr. nd was given Medrol and Imitrex the pharmacy only filled 1 medrol script the Imitrex didnt work i stopped after 2 days and tried the Frova which worked after 1.5 hrs after i took it now im waiting on the prior auth for the Frova, and i get my symptoms at random so i did some research and found my symptoms are a combination of tension and migraines.

I havent identified any triggers yet now i get nauseated and even started a cycle at 6:30 PM while taking a nap they have been averaging about 22 hrs per cycle i go back to the neurologist on the 17th

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