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Two years and no relief in sight

Everyone has that story of the migraine from hell. Well mine has lasted for 2 years now without a break. The migraine started in November of 2013 and it is now November of 2015. Sure the intensity may vary from day to day with it never getting below a 6 on the pain scale, but it never goes away. Some days it’s off the charts. It has been so bad that it has caused me to pass out. I can no longer drive in fear that I will pass out and cause an accident. No doctor has actually told me not to drive, but I don’t want that on my conscience. I have tried everything, but when you are allergic to aspirin and nsaids it really limits the options. I am no longer working and very much a hermit. I don’t like it!

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  • Julie
    3 years ago

    My house is a cave too. I tried ergots and triptans and they effect my breathing and heart rate. I was on amatryptiline back in high school. I am 43 now. I had thyroid cancer with total thyroidectomy in Dec. 2010 I have just recently begun seeing a doctor for my migraines. I have had a steady increase in severity over the last five years. For the last two years my pain has been every day ranging from six to off the chart and I just want to die. I had 162 proper attacks last year and have exceeded that number this year. I have tried diets and adjustments and meditation and binaural beats and every other new age and old age remedy the natural world has to offer. I still try new ones when I find them. I have a hard time concentrating and just typing this is difficult. My friends call my house the cave too. All the windows have towels over them. My poor husband lives on watch whenever he is home. I pass out and lose speech ability and get my left hand and foot curl up. Then the pain begins and THAT is when I beg “please just kill me” to the migraine because I cower before it like a child.

    Just want to say that I understand how you feel.

  • Jenn Lebowitz
    4 years ago

    Hi Belinda-

    Thank you so much for sharing, and we are so sorry to hear what you are going through!!!

    I hear you on being allergic to several types of medications. That said, I’m wondering if there’s a way that this article might still be useful in terms of it’s multifaceted approach toward treatment of chronic migraine:

    Additionally, it’s great of you not to drive with a migraine attack – I thought this article might be of interest to you:

    Lastly, are you under the care of a specialist? These articles may be useful for more information on the topic: and and

    I truly hope this is helpful. We are thinking of you and sending our best!


    Jenn (Community Manager,

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