I have not had a migraine since May 9th - 38 years of migraines 2 - 3 times a week. It’s a long story with what appeared to
be developing an allergy to at first one migraine med and then the other. For the last two years, I would have to take Benadryl when I took my meds; I would itch horribly on my scalp and sometimes elsewhere. Then in May, I had five days: two of which were migraines on the 7 and 9 and then severe itching on the 6, 8 and 10. Then I discovered areas of crust on my head with sores and welts. There’s no fluid or pus; I tried to get rid of it with Head and Shoulders but it didn’t work. Finally, I had a telehealth appt with my dermatologist and she has prescribed a special shampoo. I’m just starting that. But I have not had a migraine since early May. I have little headaches that I take Tylenol. It’s unbelievable.

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