I hate living with migraines.

I have suffered from migraines for 20 years. My doctors have a really hard time treating my migraines. They are quite different. I can go months with just minor migraines. Then suddenly I will have minor attacks every day or severe attacks everyday.

I never had an aura with them or any warning that one was coming, until a few years ago. The first time I passed out I was at work. I work at a school and was walking to check on two of my students, one happen to be my son. I noticed I was losing my balance and everything went black, I went down but I came out of it just as quick as it started. I also never had sleep paralysis up till a few years ago. Waking up with a severe attack and not being able to talk or move is a very scary thing. They usually start in the back of my head and usually involve my neck. There have been times where it was so severe that I could not move my head in any direction at all. And sometimes I get a stomach ache with it, which my doctors always say, it is not related.

I have been on almost all of the meds for them. All the migraines meds stopped working. At this point the only thing that works for a severe attack is morphine. I usually end up in the ER and they give me IV fluids, morphine, ativan and zofran. Although I do usually try OTC meds at home first. And I always go in the evening when I know I can go home and go straight to sleep. I do have two kids, so I always make sure I go at night and someone is with me. I prefer my husband but there are times more often than not that he is at work and can't come.

My family just doesn't understand what I go through, like most people who don't have migraines. But they are supportive sometimes. I came to this site in hopes to find someone that might share a similar story. Since my migraine pattern is quite odd, it's hard.

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