Unhelpful Physicians

I have had migraines since grade school. I can not get a dr to take me seriously. The last 3 doctors I have been to and discussed migraines have all suggested ibuprofen or Tylenol at a higher dose. They then shrug when I tell them the max allowed dose is not helpful.

Triggers and symptoms

Some of them occur with aura. Some with phantom smells. Some with nausea and vomiting. With all of them, I get severe pain, light sensitivity, dizziness, and brain fog. Most of my migraines last for about 3 days with the third day being the worst.

Using a migraine journal

I did a migraine journal to help me identify some triggers. And this helped me decrease frequency. But as I get older I am discovering I am getting them even when I have avoided all triggers. My hormonal cycle guarantees I will have a 3-day long migraine every month.

Hormonal migraine

I just had a 16-day long period where I had head pain and nausea constantly. Once I get new insurance I will be searching for a new dr. One that will hopefully help and not suggest the same stuff that does not work.

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