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As a kid I would get tension headaches all the time and once in a while I would get double vision… Now that I am older, I don’t get the headaches often but I get the double vision more often. I have had my eyes checked and have had MRIs and CAT scans but no one can find anything wrong.

A few doctors have suggested that these could be migraines without the headaches. The double vision only lasts a few minutes but I would like to find out what is causing it.

If anyone could help or has suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Kerry Sue
    8 years ago

    Good Day to you lindsey! Firstly, have you had a Visual Evoked Potentials test? If not, give it a google, and if you feel it would be helpful, ask your doctor or a local opthamologist if they would be willing to perform the test for you. Secondly, google “precision tinted lenses and migraine” and give a look into the “colorimeter test.”

    I have a lot of disabling visual problems related to my migraines. To go on about them would make this comment a mile long. Suffice it to say that I had these tests (in Memphis, TN, at the Southern College of Optometry (901) 722-3250) by Drs. Harris and Taub. There are only about 8 physicians in the US that use the colorimeter. They were the closest to me. Anyway, precision tinted lenses can potentially solve your visual problems. After speaking every almost every one of those 8 physicians and doing extensive research through PubMed and the NIH, it seems that they either work for you or they don’t. You will know as soon as you have the test. One way to find out is to see if you have “pattern glare”. Google pattern glare and see if you can look at certain checkerboard or stripped patters. If you look at them and they are distorted or make you disoriented or see double, perhaps you are one of the folks this will work for.

    Like always, I am no doctor. I haven’t gotten my glasses yet (they are on the way to me). But, if this works for you, it’s not a medication and it could be a godsend, who knows? For me, anything that had some credibility and wasn’t a drug was worth my investment of time and energy.

    Also, look up the FL-41 tint for migraines. You’ll get a wealth of information from that too. YOu could possibly just order those from your local eyeglass shop and see if they work for you withou the specific personalized tint.

    best of luck to you. I hope this helps.


  • Ellen Schnakenberg
    8 years ago

    Hi Lindsey, Migraine comes in several stages. Each Migraineur is different, but many of us do not suffer from every stage of a Migraine. In some cases a single stage by itself is enough to be incapacitating, especially aura. Here is a link to learn more about different kinds of Aura . Here is a link that tells about the stages of Migraine . A Migraine without the pain stage is usually called Acephalgic Migraine. You can read about it here:

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