Another Update to my weird condition

It's been hard getting to sleep ever since I had four of my teeth pulled due to them wearing down; I got a feeling the vibration of my palate didn't help my teeth at all. Now, soft food is all I can eat and sometimes I can use a straw when drinking my soda, tea or water; most of the time it's no straw.

Anyway, a few nights ago, I couldn't get to sleep and was slipping out of bed; I adjusted myself and got pulled back into bed; I felt from the inside out; my head bounced hard and landed hard; ever since I've been walking weird, the light and sound and vision has gotten extremely worse, plus harder to focus now. I'm not sure what happened; hopefully the bouncing of the head is a one time thing. Not sure how to explain the pain that has increased since this happened; the pressure is enough to keep anyone from doing anything and the pain has increased greatly; yet I must force myself to do things or I won't move and get out of bed.

My doctor once again said he can do nothing for me and so we are looking into a headache specialist doctor; the last doctor visit was horrible; our appointment was 3:45 PM; we waited for a good two or three hours before being called back, by the time we got out, it was 8:20 PM. I spent a great deal in the car when it got too loud and bright from the sun changing places during the afternoon; my mom called me back in when it became silent again.

My doctor also gave us a new anti-biotic that is too strong for me; I began taking it and it was for the sores on my body that came; the medicine was attacking and mixing with the poison that began all of this and made it worse, gave me the jitters and nervous; so I stopped it. During those few days, I've eaten more than ever; all because of nerves and my stomach was flip flopping each day from that medicine.

After stopping the medicine; no more munchies, no more stomach illness feeling; just the normal nausea from light and sound.

All of this is horrible to bear and shouldn't happen to anyone; hopefully from what I'm going through, will help our doctors to know what to do for anyone else that may be suffering from something like this and not receive the run around my parents and I have got since all this started.

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