Urgent ~ about to lose my job due to Chronic Daily Migraines

Hello all, I hope someone can please help me.

I have suffered from chronic migraines for roughly 10-12 years I am 54. I have worked full time at the same job for 14 years. I have worked with several neurologists. I have tried acupuncture, PT, essential oils, massage, yoga, meditation, elimination diet, vitamins, had a hysterectomy and tried every medication offered by neurologist to prevent migraines without a positive outcome. I take Relpax as my abortive ( 9 pills per month so basically used up after 4-5 migraines) and medication for nausea currently.The primary neurologist I worked with for 7 years left the area in August and the first appointment I was offered was in December at a new Neurology Clinic.

My employers notified me 10/25/17 that I would no longer be eligible for medical benefits. Since this would include short term disability I panicked since the reason I could no longer could get coverage was due to frequently missing work. I pleaded with my boss to see if there was any way to keep the option of short term disability until I met with the new doctor. My employers agreed and the short term disability option was extended to 12/31/17. I have noticed from fellow migraineurs it is virtually impossible to get approval for disability if you do not get coverage from your employer. From reading other peoples accounts of loss of job due to migraines I thought someone might help be able to help me. I have tried to write "My Story" several times while trying to gather information over the last few weeks. My only mistake was to believe that there was hope I could work and find a medication to "fix" me.

So basically I am asking anyone who could not financially support themselves without working for help. My husband has been working as many hours extra to make up for my lost wages. We are barely making it. I have two children and if I am let go it would be impossible for me to get another job since so many of my triggers would be caused by work related conditions. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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