Migraine Changes Over The Years

I am a 64-year-old male who started having migraines with visual aura at 13. At 40 years old they went from the visual followed by the migraine pain, to a silent migraine.

Vision loss

I lose parts of my vision for about 45 minutes, it clears up, and very little or no pain follows. They now happen about every week (worst), to every month (sometimes making 2 months). The second part is related I'm sure to my migraine history but completely different.

Blind spots during migraine

Daily I get bright flashes that pop up in my vision and fade away a minute later or stay for a while and then fade. Like looking at a flashbulb. I've only had two bad ones over the years where they faded but never went away and left a blind spot in each faded area.

More vision changes with migraine

Now, 3rd thing has happened which I can't remember ever before. I am seeing white/silvery vein-like structures when I move my eyes quickly from one spot to another. Once my eyes are set they immediately disappear. They look like what I see when the eye dr dilates my eyes, shines a bright light in them, and I see the veins in my eyes. These are not floaters, as I have many of them and they move around. The vein-type worms or lines are stationary. They do not block any vision but just cause some frustration and anxiety. And inside is minimal. Mainly outside against sky, or lawn, or any brighter area.

Thanks for reading and just wondering if anyone else can relate to this deal?

Great site by the way. Have not been on for a while. Take care all.

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