Visual Disturbances

Last updated: May 2019

Hi All

I'm not sure if I have silent migraines or not and would appreciate any comments anyone has.

A few weeks ago I was watching the tv and my entire visual field rocked from side to side. I got checked out and they didn't find anything.

A little later, I bent down to open a gate and it happened again.

Then in the supermarket I looked down and the ground zoomed up towards me. I looked up and everything was normal.

Then I went out the back for a vape, sat down and could see a solid grey cloud just off centre in my left eye and it had shimmering lights travelling downward, almost like sparkly rain inside.

It lasted for about 2 minutes, and then slowly reduced over about a minute until it was gone.

I'm seeing an optometrist as I have some small marks on my retina but I don't think it's macular degeneration as all the pics show a dark area in the centre with fuzzy edges.

I rarely get headaches, so am wondering if it could be silent migraines?


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