The Walk’s A Mess And So Is This Poem

The fluid in my inner ear
Gets jumbled up sometimes.
I feel vibrations in the lower half
And the upper half.

I rather not get up.
If I am up,
I look for a seat.
I walk not straight.

I go sideways.
Sometimes, left.
At times, right.
I think it’s okay.

I will be fine
As long as I try to live
A normal boy’s life
No matter how difficult and awkward it gets.

I fumble but I reach places
On my own two legs,
The ones that shake
Along with the rest of my body.

My walk’s a mess
And so is this poem.
They seem to vibrate in tandem
With the loss of balance

I feel on several occasions
Such that walking on the streets,
Bicycling, and everything else
Becomes a disaster.

Still, I walk.
I have to walk.
I need to go to places
On my own two legs.

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